Business Solutions

Experience bizhub

The way we work, communicate and share information is changing and evolving.
You need a business printer you can rely on.


More flexibility to your workflow

  • Easy-to-see, easy-to-use 10.1 inch panel
  • Standard web browser
  • Product design

Turning paper documents into live data

Scan a paper document with bizhub and it is transformed into data. As well as PDF, bizhub can create files in Microsoft Office format often used in business.
The ADF features a 300-sheet paper holding capacity and impressive duplex 240 opm (120 sheets for double-sided) scan speed. Its high productivity supports business efficiency and speed, while its instant scanning and copying meet customers' high-volume needs.


For more creative office work

Today, bizhub is working in offices around the globe.
Finishing work faster than yesterday, Managing a task that was impossible yesterday, so you can try something that’s never been done before.Delivering improvement, evolution, and challenge to diverse business scenarios.