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Net Care Device Manager
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Net Care Device Manager

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Centrally manages administrative operations of multiple devices.

Product Outline

Net Care Device Manager is a free-of-charge Client/Server-type application that simplifies MFP setup and routine maintenance by allowing you collectively manage administrative operations of multiple I/O devices, including the status of multiple devices using a general-purpose browser. It offers the basic functions as the platform for Enterprise Suite.

Net Care Device Manager Outline

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Main Functions

Device Management Function (Device List)

Device Search :  Searches devices on the network automatically and registers the devices onto the device list. Search results can be registered on the Device Group automatically according to search settings.
Device Registration :  Registers devices manually. Multiple devices from a file can also be imported.
Device List :  Displays information of the registered devices. All plug-in applications on Net Care Device Manager will manage the devices registered on this device list.
Device Group :  Groups devices.
Device Management :  Displays device status on a list and monitors the status. Network settings of devices and printer settings can be remotely configured as well.
Counter Management :  Displays current counters of registered devices in a table. Counter data can also be sent automatically on a periodic basis.
Multiple Settings :  Configures the same settings to multiple devices simultaneously. Initial settings for the introduction of new devices can be configured, and settings can be changed to match the changes in the network environment. The setting data can be retained onto a template to be used as a backup for setting values for devices.
Device Status Notification :  Automatically notifies a specified e-mail address regarding statuses such as an error, paper jam, low toner, etc., detected in the devices. Administrators will receive notifications by e-mail to take prompt action.
Admin. Password Multi-Setting :  Configures the same Admin. Password to multiple devices simultaneously. E-mail reminders can also be sent at desired intervals.
Firmware Update Setting :  Downloads the firmware from the network, then updates it for the device. Update schedules can be chosen immediately or at specified times according to the setting.
Setting for Sending IC Card Info :  Sends the configured file to the device to enable IC card authentication.


Device Management Function (Device List)
Device Management Function (Device List)

User Management Function (User List)

User Registration :  Registers users managed by Net Care Device Manager. User information registered in a device or file can also be imported.
User List :  Displays the list of registered user information.
Account List :  Displays the list of registered account information.

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Counter Management Function (Counter Reader)

Counter Collection :  Periodically collects counters by user or by account that are retained in a device automatically. For Konica Minolta integrated MFPs only.
Counter Browse :  Allows you to browse the collected counters in table format. Counting function is not included.

Server Management Function (Server Settings)

This function manages the settings of Net Care Device Manager itself, such as administrator's settings, e-mail server settings and display settings, and manages the licenses of other Enterprise Suite applications.

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