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HDD Backup Utility
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HDD Backup Utility

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Creates backups of device setting information and hard disk data.

Product Outline

With HDD Backup Utility, you can create backups of MFP setting information and hard disk data in case of risks to the MFP such as hardware failures, software failures, and disasters such as fires or earthquakes.
Media (NVRAM, HDD etc.) in the device is backed up to the PC as an image file, and the image file backed up in the PC is restored to media in the device.

HDD Backup Utility Outline

User Advantage

Restores MFP data by creating backups in a safe place beforehand in case of risks that causes them to be lost such as software problems, human error or disaster.

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Main Functions


Saves MFP media data to a PC.


Restores the data saved in PC.

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