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Copy Protection Utility
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Copy Protection Utility

Creates, edits and regiters copy protection.

Product Outline

Prevent unauthorised copying of confidential and valuable documents. With Copy Protection Utility, you can add hidden Copy Protect patterns and Stamps in the paper so they appear in the outputs when copying a document with an MFP.

Copy Protection Utility Outline

User Advantage

The Copy Protection Utility prevents unauthorised copying of documents using hidden characters embedded in the paper that that appear when copying again with a MFP. Copy protection patterns and stamps can be set by the user.

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Main Functions

Copy Protect Settings
  • Set the Copy Protect Name and the Copy Protect string (number of characters is restricted).
  • Decide the appearance of the Copy Protect pattern (font, angle).
Stamp Settings
  • Type in the Stamp name (number of characters is restricted).
  • Select a BMP image (size is restricted and can be adjusted automatically).
  • Decide the appearance of the Stamp image (zoom in/out).
Collective Copy

Copy Protect patterns and Stamps can be copied between MFPs.

  • The Copy Protect pattern and Stamp data already set in a device can be copied collectively to other devices.
  • Copy Protect pattern and Stamp images can be copied and pasted between devices.

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