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Box Operator
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Box Operator

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Accesses, downloads and deletes files in the MFP Box from a networked PC.

Product Outline

Box Operator lets you to access scan files, fax files, or print files in the Box from a networked PC, and also lets you download, and delete the saved data and change file names. The data in the Box can be accessed seamlessly from the PC.

Box Operator Outline

User Advantage

  • Documents saved in the MFP Box can be accessed, managed and downloaded easily.
  • Thumbnail View function lets you identify necessary documents easily from a group of documents.
  • Supported file formats include JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XPS, searchable PDF, pptx, docx, xlsx, etc., and will vary among models.

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Main Functions

Device Management

Register to or delete devices from the Box Operator by specifying the "Device registration" from the "Box Operator" menu displayed in the Windows Explorer menu using the "Register Device" dialogue.

Thumbnail View/Document Operation

This function lets you view thumbnails and change names of documents. Documents can also be deleted, copied or moved between Boxes, in addition to other operations.

Document Download/File Format

File formats can be specified for downloading documents.

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