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PageScope Enterprise Suite

To Help IT Administrators Enhance Productivity - Focus On Automated Monitoring & Reporting Enhanced Print Cost Transparency

An integrated device management solution for enhancing productivity

PageScope Enterprise Suite

The applications in the PageScope Enterprise Suite (PSES) have been developed primarily for IT administrators and have been synchronised so they can be used as if they were a single application.

PageScope Enterprise Suite package


Cost Control
Cost Control
Reduced management time

Consolidated user & device management reduces overall management time leading to lower overall cost.

Accurate print usage data and output limits

Individual count data and output limit settings improve usage count accuracy and lower TCO.

Workflow Efficiency
Workflow Efficiency
Reduced downtime

Load balancing and redundancy features let users operate devices even when there are server malfunctions.

Personalised management efficiency

Individual user control panels and address books help to create a more personal and efficient environment.

Reduced security risk

Pull Printing lets you print from any device, which means no output left behind & no more long waits.

Restrictions on individual use

Permitting only authenticated registered users to operate devices lowers security risks.

New Features

Supports Multi-Server Configurations
Static Load Balancing

The PSES Multi-Server configuration enables the smooth distribution of multiple processing requests that brings better balance to your communications workloads.

Supports Multi-Server Configurations

PSES server clusters can be configured for load balancing which is handled by the Load Balancer function. Server synchronisation enables head office control of authentication data and local server storage of printing data, thereby reducing the network workload.

INFO-Palette Coordinated Design

The Control Panel has the same Operation Panel as new bizhub and PageScope Mobile.
INFO-Palette coordinated screen displays coupled with a uniform navigation system help to optimise operability.



Supported Devices

System Requirements

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