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Dispatcher Suite


Run your business faster
and smarter

  • Document Capture & Management
  • Output Management
  • User & Cost Management
  • Security

Dispatcher Suite


To be of interest for active and competitively acting companies that want to optimise their print management and push digitisation forward, enterprise office solutions have to support cost reductions and productivity enhancements while ensuring the complete security of all corporate content. A simplified approach to deploying solutions is another essential aspect for enterprises of all sizes. Konica Minolta understands these needs and answers them with this single comprehensive and flexible platform, the Dispatcher Suite.

As a print management and document capture solution, the Dispatcher Suite platform includes Dispatcher Paragon for print management and Dispatcher Phoenix for automated workflows. The feature-rich solution has been designed to enable companies to effectively manage and reduce their print services costs, enhance efficiency by implementing digital workflows, and increase their document security.
Thanks to its complete modularity, the Dispatcher Suite is highly scalable and can be configured exactly to varying corporate needs. The suite’s different modules are available individually or in combination, thus maximising office efficiency and flexibility.

The Dispatcher Suite focuses on addressing business
needs & requirements such as:

Reduction of printing and related costs throughout the company, while ensuring that employees are able to print and copy without limitation, even if a printer is unavailable.

Ensure the comprehensive management and control of the print environment by creating reports on who printed what, when, how much and where, as well as facilitating the allocation of all print costs to the originators.

Secure the entire print environment, including the elimination of unauthorised access to confidential documents and sensitive corporate information.

Connect all company offices and branches to enable the release of documents wherever these are required.

Simplify scanning and document workflows throughout the entire enterprise.

Push digitisation forward across processes and work routines.

Improve the overall efficiency by increasing workflow automation

The Dispatcher Suite will do all this and more – enabling organisations to manage and protect their entire print and scan infrastructure with utmost efficiency!

overview image
With its set of individual modules, the Dispatcher Suite
provides a highly scalable and flexible experience

As an advanced print management and document capture solution, the Dispatcher Suite features a modular structure that caters to almost every user need, offering extensive functionality and a maximum of flexibility.

Once it is installed on the company server, the Dispatcher Suite secures and tracks any print job produced on multi-functional devices and network printers. Moreover, implementing digital workflows to replace recurring manual paper-based tasks is another powerful advantage of this solution to increase productivity and efficiency. The Dispatcher Suite’s administrator interfaces ensure the straightforward and intuitive administration of the entire corporate print and workflow management system. With the intuitive and harmonised panel on the output device,


User authentication is simple, convenient and fast with entry of username and password, PIN or ID card, right at the output device – for reliable and secure device access.

Print Roaming®

Users can submit their print jobs to any managed printer in any location within the network and release the prints whenever and wherever they need them.


In order to optimises cost efficiencies, companies can enable the tracking and accounting of all print jobs. Keep track of the "who, what, where & when" throughout the print environment.

Rule-based Engine

Via this module, the administrator can set individual print conditions for different users, such as limiting access rights to b&w printing or making duplex printing obligatory.

Credit and Billing

This module is essential for educational institutions and project-based environments that need to charge print, scan and copy costs back to originators.

Mobile Print

With this module, users can send their print jobs from mobile devices via e-mail or a webrelease page, thus enhancing mobility as users are no longer limited to printing only from their workspace.

Advanced Workflows

Provides a generous toolset for powerful automated document workflows to capture, index and route documents with almost zero effort. It includes a powerful Workflow Builder tool to easily create complex workflows and offers an extensive variety of 3rd party connectors to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

Dispatcher Suite
Dispatcher Paragon
  • Authentication
  • Print Roaming®
  • Reporting
  • Rule-based Engine
  • Credit and Billing
  • Mobile Print
Dispatcher Phoenix



Input Folder
DP Mobile App
Google Cloud Print
LPR Print


Advanced OCR
File conversion to PDF, MS Office, PS
Metadata scripting
Metadata to File
Metadata Routing
PDF Data extraction

… much more


OneDrive for Business
Sharepoint Online
Output Folder
Google Drive

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