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AccurioPro Connect ver. 1.0

Workflow platform

  • Automating a range of prepress processes
  • Customising workflow with user-friendly tools
  • Expanding functions flexibly with optional add-ins
  • Optimising productivity and liability with automated workflow
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Automation of time-consuming
prepress data processing

Workflow platform for automated processing

AccurioPro Connect is a workflow platform system that makes up
the Konica Minolta professional print solutions, AccurioPro.
This automates a range of prepress processes, and by connecting those, automates prepress data processing.
Increasing the efficiency of what is generally time-consuming prepress data processing brings
about dramatic increases in productivity. Additionally, functions required
for automation can be expanded with optional add-ins,
enabling efficient installation.

Workflow platform for automated processing

Automated prepress function

▶ Automated prepress function

■ Automated processing workflow

Creating a workflow by arraying parts, and carrying out prepress processes suited to each page lets operator send jobs to the most appropriate printer. Automated processing enables reliable prepress processing that differs between each page, providing major reductions in processing time.

Automated processing workflow image 01

Automated processing workflow image 02

Automated processing workflow image 03

■ Simple workflow process setting

AOperator can use icons to easily create a prepress workflow. Conditional branching depending on the file content, additions or changes to details of processing, and setting of which printer to use are all easy to configure.

Simple workflow process setting

Efficient installation method

▶ Select and add the required functions to meet particular needs

■ Base product

The basic AccurioPro Connect product includes a workflow builder, a preflight function, an imposition function, and a host of other nodes to support workflow automation.

Base product

■ Optional components

JNodes that provide an even higher level workflow can be activated using option licence keys. Efficient installation of functions that meet specific needs is possible.

Optional components

  • AccurioPro Connect Brochure PDF (3.44MB)

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