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AccurioPro Conductor
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AccurioPro Conductor ver. 1.0

Workflow integration system

  • Automated print jobs routing to the optimum printer
  • Automated delivery date management
  • Faster handling of large volume jobs
  • Connectivity to prepress and postpress systems

Routing to the optimum printer in
appropriate order

Maximise productivity by providing centralised
management of printers

AccurioPro Conductor is a workflow integration system belonging to
Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro suite of professional printing solutions.
By providing comprehensive centralised management of multiple printers,
AccurioPro Conductor enables operator to automate a wide range of daily tasks to maximise productivity.
Even when operator has multiple printing jobs requiring different specifications and requirements,
this innovative system seamlessly manages the workflow.
Even more, AccurioPro Conductor is able to disperse printing processes across networked printers,
allowing print service providers to efficiently handle high-volume printing jobs.

Maximise productivity by providing centralised management of printers

Printing schedule management function

▶ Efficiently manage jobs based on information acquired

■ Automatic print job allocation

Judging from the contents of the job, job congestion, and other information overall, the output instruction can be automatically sorted into each optimum printer. This process realises efficient handling of multiple print jobs. As a result, downtime and the workload required for setup can be reduced.

Automatic print job allocation

■ Delivery date management

Printing is carried out according to the deadlines registered in the Management Information System (MIS). Quick delivery job is automatically processed as a priority according to the deadline.

Delivery date management

■ Speeding-up of high-volume jobs printing

Efficient printing can be carried out by automatically dividing large PDF files into smaller files before sending to printers.

Speeding-up of high-volume jobs printing

■ Automatic routing of colour pages and monochrome pages for separate printing and automatic integration

Colour and monochrome pages are automatically routed to the optimal printer for output and then sorted, which streamlines workflow and delivers cost efficiency.

Automatic routing

  • AccurioPro Conductor Brochure PDF (2.24MB)

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