High productivity

High productivity and reliability for fast turnaround

The professional handling capabilities of the AccurioPress C6100 help professional printing companies meet tight deadlines with ease. Whether handling thin or thick paper, it maintains 100% productivity.

Large-volume leaflet printing
Booklets with high page counts
DM, etc.

When productivity
and short turnaround are critical

  • Large-volume leaflet printing
  • Booklets with high page counts
  • DM, etc.

 Handle high-volume jobs at high speed

Productive printing irrespective of paper thickness

High-speed 100ppm output

Whether printing paper of 52 or 400gsm thickness, the large-diameter upper fusing system and Simitri HDE toner synergise to output 100 sheets per minute*1. The large contact area of the fusing belt, optimised for rapid and uniform thermal conduction, contributes to outstanding toner fusion and high productivity.

For A4 horizontal on C6100 (85 sheets per minute on C6085)

High-speed 100ppm output

Fast and easy paper settings

Enhanced paper menu and search functions

Default settings are provided for every type of paper and additional settings can be registered to meet every need. Simple settings and user-friendly search functions contribute to easy setup and high productivity.

Fast and easy paper settings

Easy large-volume printing

Large-volume paper feed and output system

The system can be expanded to feed a maximum 13,890 sheets and output a maximum 10,000 sheets using 9 varieties of paper. Paper replenishment and removal, for both paper feeding and output, are possible during printing to simplify large-volume processing tasks.

Large-volume paper feed and output system

Large-volume paper feed and output system

Highly efficient scanning

High-speed duplex scanner PF-711  *optional

The high-speed duplex scanner is ideal for law offices, educational establishments and others that need to scan and store large volumes of documents as data. It reads 120 pages per minute in simplex and 240 pages per minute in duplex scanning mode*1 with high reliability thanks to a built-in high-speed double-feed detector.

A4, 300dpi

Large-volume paper feed and output system

 High productivity and quality irrespective of paper type

Paper position correction for every thickness

Rotary-type high-precision registration

An advanced registration unit improves front-to-back registration for duplex printing. Its paper angle detection sensor detects angles of the leading edge of the paper immediately after passing the loop rollers. The rear and front loop rollers can be driven independently to change speed and correct the angle. The result is improved front-to-back registration of a wide range of paper types and high-quality finishing of items such as booklets with photo spreads.

Rotary-type high-precision registration

Curl correction and static elimination

Hybrid decurler  *optional

Mounting optional Humidifier Kit HM-103 to Relay Unit RU-518 allows you to configure a hybrid decurl system, which employs both a mechanical type and humidification type decurler. This provides various advantages that cannot be achieved by a mechanical decurler only. In addition to curl correction function, the RU-518 is equipped with output paper density correction functionality and an output tray supporting banner paper, contributing to efficient and stable printing work.

■Mechanical decurler

With two correction units, one for surface curl and the other for back curl, paper curl is effectively corrected. Decurling strength can be adjusted in 20 steps, which allows fine adjustment. Real time correction is possible during printing while checking the curl level, increasing efficient use of the system.

■Humidifier type decurler (When optional humidifier kit HM-103 is mounted)

The fixing roller supplies moderate moisture to the heated paper. More effective decurling is possible by not only cooling paper but also lowering paper stiffness. In addition, because static electricity can be reduced, more efficient workability is ensured in the post-processing.
With the RU-518, a water supply port is located at the top to improve workability. Also, it is now possible to supply water during printing.

Hybrid decurler

Centralised management of multiple machines

AccurioPro Conductor

AccurioPro Conductor is a workflow integration system for managing Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro printing solutions. It improves work efficiency by centrally managing multiple printers, automating various operations, and enabling the seamless implementation of diverse printing jobs of different specifications and requirements. Cost-saving measures are also included, such as a feature that automatically prints only the monochrome pages of a document using a low-cost monochrome machine.

AccurioPro Conductor