Diverse output expands printing service possibilities

AccurioPress C6100/C6085 expands business potential by flexibly supporting 400gsm thick paper, banner printing (max. 1,300mm long), envelope printing and more at low cost.

Banner printing

Banner printing

  • Posters
  • POP
  • Book covers, etc.
Envelope printing

Envelope printing

  • DM
  • Invitations, etc.
Thick paper printing

Thick paper printing

  • Packages
  • Stand-up menus, etc.

 Thick paper compatibility broadens the service range

Thick paper compatibility

Up to 400gsm thick

Printing is possible on 400gsm thick paper even during automatic duplexing — with solid stability and no loss of productivity. This capability expands the range of potential applications to include thick-paper tags, stand-up menus, sales promotion tools and more.

Up to 400gsm thick

Reliable paper conveyance

Fusing belt steering mechanism

Konica Minolta's original fusing system improves media compatibility. An advanced inlet roller and fusing belt steering mechanism in the air blow fusing separation mechanism enhance conveyance reliability for all paper thicknesses to meet the needs of on-demand high-mix printing.

Fusing belt steering mechanism

Reliable feeding of all media

Air-suction paper-feed system  *optional

Feed unit PF-707m/PF-711 features a suction-belt paper feed mechanism. The air-assist mechanism blows air from the front as well as the sides to separate sheets and realise adsorption of the paper to the suction belt for conveyance. Air control is adjusted for each paper type and an improved adsorption area during belt paper feeding ensures stable feeding of thick and coated paper.

Air-suction paper-feed system *optional

 Compatibility with envelope, banner and thick paper printing (optional)

Diverse printing capabilities

Envelope and banner printing functions

A fusing unit dedicated to envelope printing ensures stable, high-quality printing on general-purpose envelopes with minimal folding creases or differences in adhesive strip gloss. Printing of banners up to 1,300mm long, with auto duplexing of banners up to 762mm long, is also top-of-class. The mounted LU-202XLm enables continuous paper feeding of up to 1,000 sheets (up to 762mm) and optional accessories can be added to improve embossed paper printing quality.

12 high image quality screens

Stable, high-quality banner paper output

Banner output-compatible relay unit RU-518

The RU-518 relay unit features a banner ejection function and is capable of outputting banners up to 1,300mm long*1. It can be mounted with a hybrid decurling unit to handle not only decurling, but also functions such as paper cooling and static electricity prevention.

When MK-740 is mounted (max. 762mm when not mounted)

Banner output-compatible relay unit RU-518

Banners up to 1,300mm long

Banner bypass unit MB-508

Banner kit MK-740/MK-740m

The MB-508 multi bypass unit can be mounted on PF-711 and PF-707m paper feeding units. Banner kit MK-740/MK-740m enables paper feeding of banners up to 1,300mm long.

Banner bypass unit MB-508 Banner kit MK-740

Consistent high-quality envelope printing

Envelope printing-dedicated fusing unit EF-104

Designed especially for envelope printing, the EF-104 fusing unit realises fast, high-quality envelope printing at low cost.

Envelope printing-dedicated fusing unit EF-104

Large-volume paper feeding of banners up to 762mm long

Banner compatible high-volume paper feed unit LU-202XLm

The LU-202XLm paper feed unit can continuously feed up to 1,000 banner sheets (maximum 80gsm thickness and 762mm length).

Banner compatible high-volume paper feed unit LU-202XLm

*Please, contact local Konica Minolta for release schedule of banner printing functions and options (RU-518/MB-508/MK-740/LU-202XLm).