Less human touch & less human error
Intelligent quality optimiser [IQ-501] (optional)

The Intelligent quality optimiser [IQ-501] enables automated colour management and front-to-back registration adjustment. Since there is no need for measurement or numerical input, as in the past, high quality print products are constantly available with fewer manual settings and less human errors. In addition, high quality is maintained thanks to real-time monitoring and adjustments during printing, contributing not only to cost reduction with less waste but also to improve customer trust.

High-precision colour and registration adjustments prior to printing

Automated colour and front-to-back registration adjustments

Automatic adjustment of maximum density, density balance, gradation, gray balance and front-to-back registration is now realised, significantly reducing adjustment time that is an unwanted extra on net production time, and contributing to the printing operation rate, which directly affects profits. There is no need for measurement or numerical input, as in the past. The IQ-501 provides high quality print products with skill-less operation thanks to an environment that does away with quality problems caused by measurement or input errors.

High-precision colour and registration adjustments prior to printing 

Equipped with two scanners, the IQ-501 implements real-time correction through one-pass including auto-correction of colour and front-to-back registration. In addition, hybrid colourimetry using a Konica Minolta’s reputable spectrophotometer enables highly accurate colour correction.

High-precision colour and registration adjustments prior to printing
■ Packaged auto colour adjustment

Various adjustments including gamma, maximum density, density balance, gradation and gray balance are automatically performed in one step operation. Items for the packaged adjustment are selectable. Performing adjustments required for daily operation in one step allows highly precise adjustments to be completed in a short time without bothering the operator.

Items for batch adjustment

  • Maximum density adjustment
  • Density balance adjustment
  • Automatic gamma adustment
  • Output paper density adjustment
  • Exact Color

Packaged Auto Colour Adjustment

Automated printer profile creation and colour verification

Automatic printer profile creation

Printer profiles that previously required time-consuming manual work are now effortlessly created using the IQ-501. Colour profiles that need to be created for each paper type are now automatically created without requiring special skills. In addition, the IQ-501 is equipped with a function to verify the colour setting of the created profile.

Automatic printer profile creation

Day-to-day/machine-to-machine colour control
as well as daily quality control during print operation are automated

Maintaining the best quality during printing

Real-time colour & registration monitoring and correction

Colour tone and front-to-back registration, etc. are monitored and automatically corrected in real time without degrading productivity. As a result, colour fluctuations and registration misalignment are controlled to a minimum, which helps provide high quality print products in a stable manner. Stable results are ensured in printing of company logos for which the colour stability is essential, and cards, page numbers of booklet and ruled lines for which accurate positioning is essential. In addition, print waste caused by instable colour and registration is minimised, contributing not only to cost reduction but also to improve customer trust.

Real-time colour & registration monitoring and correction

CMYK and RGB+gray (3C) are alternately printed on the margin of the printed sheets. In addition, registration marks are automatically printed on both sides of the sheet to check registration.

Real-time colour & registration monitoring and correction 

Linkage with cloud-based colour management system

AccurioPro CloudEye
*Scheduled in 2018

Konica Minolta’s cloud colour management system enables centralised colour management of printers at multiple locations (in-house offices and factories, affiliates' facilities, etc.) via cloud. The colour reproduction of all connected printers, of wide-ranging models, is accurately monitored without requiring special skills.

AccurioPro Cloud Eye

Problems with separate colour management in each location

Lack of consistency due to differences in judgment criteria, setting methods, etc.

More total time spent communicating, managing and checking.   

Centralised colour management for multiple locations via cloud