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Production Print Systems
AccurioPress C2070/C2070P/C2060 Product Concept
AccurioPress C2070/C2070P/C2060
  • Product Concept

  • Product Overview

  • Specifications

  • System Options

Product Highlights

  • Output Size:
  • Output Type:

Recommended Uses

  • CRDs (Centralised Reprographic Departments),
    Government offices
    Education facility printing departments
    Quick printers
  • c2070_c2070p_c2060 Product Photo
  • c2070_c2070p_c2060 Product Photo
  • c2070_c2070p_c2060 Product Photo
  • c2070_c2070p_c2060 Product Photo
  • c2070_c2070p_c2060 Product Photo
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Ever-evolving multi-role production
printing system

Successor to the high-functionality of bizhub PRESS C1070 series,
the multi-role production printing system is capable of handling an even wider range of applications.
Featuring compatibility with diverse media and productivity that delivers consistent high quality
and furnished with workability that contributes to short-delivery service,
the system realises improved profitability through even greater expansion of print business services
and enhanced work efficiency.
The new brand "AccurioPress" series - the next stage in production printing system evolution!

Multi-role production printing system


Introducing Konica Minolta's new Accurio series

In the ever-growing world of professional digital printing, the Accurio series offers printing services
that deliver greater production efficiency, lower cost and higher quality.
Konica Minolta's Accurio series is a new-brand product lineup that provides comprehensive support
for printing business growth. Incorporating elements such as an electro-photographic printing system
and a high-end inkjet press and industrial printing system furnished with the latest technologies as well as
work fiow solutions and cloud-based colour control tools to take maximum advantage
of these diverse features, the Accurio series is a powerful total solution that promotes automation,
improved efficiency and higher quality.

Awards/International Standards Energy Star Simitri

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