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bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 Product Overview
Security functions and environmental
bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060
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Reduced environmental impact - Contributing to a sustainable society because it's a production machine

Numerous environmentally considerate features including reduced power consumption and enhanced sustainability of consumables are incorporated. As the main body has been designed to be as compact as possible, the bizhubPRESS C1070/1060 series makes a contribution to society, which is essential in today's business world, and focuses on reduced environmental impact.

Compact, lightweight with fewer parts

The bizhub C1070/C1060 are 17.5 percent* lighter and use fewer parts, yet still remain highly robust. CO2 emissions have been reduced during production and transportation, and they help reduce environmental impact and conserve resources throughout their lifecycles.
* Compared to previous C7000.

Environmentally considerate materials

The C1070 series uses a high combination of recycled resins and bioplastics. Resources are effectively used and environmentally considerate materials are actively employed. A lead-free shaft is also adopted to protect the environment as well as the user's health.

Energy-saving design

In addition to the energy-saving performance targeted by Simitri HDE toner, an optimised transfer process reduces fusing temperatures by about 20 degrees to reduce energy use.

Meeting ecological and environmental demands

KONICA MINOLTA products are designed with the environment in mind.
■ Energy Star Certified ■ RoHS Compliance ■ WEEE Compliance
■ Eco-friendly Toners ■ Production at ISO Certified Factories

Environmentally considerate resource utilisation

Plant-based bioplastic and recycled polycarbonate/PET are proactively used for the main unit to reduce impact on the environment.

Environmentally considerate resource utilisation

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