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bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060 Product Overview
Reliable functions and inline options
bizhub PRESS C1070/C1060
  • Product Concept

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Productivity with added value - Increase profitability by maximisinguptime

A state-of-the-art model that maintains high-level productivity with added value to enhance profitability.
The same high-level optional functions as those of high-end devices are now available in a compact yet comprehensive system.

All-in-one finisher (FS-532) * Optional

FS-532 stapling finisher with staple cutter provides stapling for up to 100 sheets*1 for beautiful finishes regardless of the number of sheets through enhanced paper output consistency and a refined paper path. And a choice of three sub-options can be fitted to expand the system when required.
*1 Stapling for up to 50 sheets for A3 paper.

All-in-one finisher

All-in-one finisher

Saddle Stitcher (SD-506) * Optional

Effective for manuals and catalogues in small lots, SD-506 creates booklets of up to 50 sheets (200 pages). And the saddle-stitching system increases folding strength and accuracy, reducing paper offset during binding. In addition to multi-centre-fold and multi-tri-fold, a trimming function for creating clean-cut booklets is standard equipped to streamline post-processing tasks including bookbinding.

Saddle Stitcher (SD-506)

Perfect Binder (PB-503) * Optional

Perfectly binds up to 300 sheets (600 pages) or up to 30 mm thick. Cardstock up to 216 gsm* can be used for the cover, and inline printing and gluing is also available. Advanced paper alignment realises clean binding that eliminates three-way trimming, along with high productivity. In addition, books are automatically loaded onto the cart when finished.
* Max. 91 gsm for the inner pages when using a cover.

Perfect Binder (PB-503)

Multi-folding unit (FD-503) * Optional

FD-503 provides a variety of folding functions, including centre-fold, letter-fold-in, letter-fold-out, double-parallel, Z-fold and gate-fold for creating materials such as direct mailings, as well as two or four-hole punching. A paper inserter for setting two types of paper is also equipped.

Multi-folding unit (FD-503)

Stapling Finishers (FS-531/FS-612) * Optional

Ideal for producing marketing collateral and corporate documents, these compact units staple up to 50 sheets* of paper and can be expanded with the optional PK-512/513 Punch Kit and/or PI-502 Post Inserter. FS-612 also offers centre and letter folding capabilities and saddle stitches up to 20 sheets* for producing 80-page booklets.
Note: The number of punch holes may vary depending on the market. * 80 gsm paper

Stapling Finishers (FS-531/FS-612)

Large capacity stacker (LS-505) * Optional

The LS-505 is designed to streamline operations with a capacity for 5,000 sheets and includes a cart. Up to two units can be installed side-by-side for a total capacity of 10,000 sheets, and finished documents can be taken out with the cart for easy transport to the next step. A sample ejection function allows quality checking to be made during large volume printing.

Large capacity stacker (LS-505)


Mouse-supported control panel

Easy to see and operate, the 15-inch large screen display allows the display angle to be adjusted to match the user, and ensures outstanding operability with the user-friendly GUI and guide messages, even for various settings. A USB mouse can also be connected to ease operability.

Mouse-supported control panel

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