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Konica Minolta's Product Design
  • INFO-Palette Concept
    Creating a new user experience
  • Design Concept
    Putting the user in control of how they work
  • Universal Design
    Why the bizhub is ideal for any business or office environment
  • Design Awards
    Find out what makes the bizhub series so successful

INFO-Palette Concept

INFO-Palette Concept Movie
The concept for INFO-Palette is simple to give users full control of their work style through enhanced device compatibility, customisable user interfaces and user-friendly operations.

Design Concept

Thinking behind INFO-Palette

INFO-Palette was designed with the user in mind. With the aim of providing an unforgettable user experience, access, customisation and operation is all in the hands of the user. The concept is simple, the possibilities are endless.

Unified Display Layout

INFO-Palette's new unified user interface provides aconsistent user experience for everyone. PageScope Mobile also utilizes the same smart and intuitive UI to ensure seamless operation from a multitude of portable devices.

All-embracing Design

Reflecting INFO-Palette's design approach, Konica Minolta's new bizhub is a perfect fit for any business or office environment.

Intelligent Universal Design for Fasv Operation

Users can now enjoy the same user experience from a multitude of devices with INFO-Palette's unified design approach. Beyond offering user-friendly operations thanks to a seamlessly integrated system of customisable user interfaces with multi-touch icons, INFO-Palette will change the way work is done.

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Universal Design

Designed for All Movie

Designed for All

The new bizhub has been designed to offer incredible ease of use. Incorporating special features such as a free position tilt control panel and a highly-intuitive user interface, effortless operation is ensured for all.

Easy and Comfortable Use

The new bizhub's intuitive control panel now offers a multitude of user-friendly functions. From an enlarge display function andfunction-specific mode screens to easy-to-understand animation guidance, the new bizhub is a joy to use.

Easy and Comfortable Use Movie
Instant Touch and Visual Recognition Movie

Instant Touch and Visual Recognition

More than just stylish and attractive, the new bizhub features greater accessibility and comfort. Dark-coloured concave-designed document-handling trays and clearly visible status indicators provide users with immediate touch and visual recognition.

Work a New Way

It's not just a conventional MFP. The new bizhub is stylishly designed and features a wide range of user-friendly bring a new level of style and accessibility to the office.

Work a New Way

see the full-length video of the new bizhub here

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Design Awards

Design Awards

Konica Minolta's colour bizhub series was recognised for its user interface that enabled seamless and consistent operation across multiple devices.

IF Product Design Award 2013

Konica Minolta's seven MFPs win globally prestigious "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014."


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