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Environmental Solutions for Customers
Environmental technologies
Simitri Polymerised Toner

Environmental Solutions for Customers



Simitri Polymerised Toner

Simitri Toner with Biomass

Simitri toner with biomass celebrates its 10th anniversary this year

Simitri toner, first produced in 2000, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Simitri toner is a polymerised toner, researched and developed by Konica Minolta from early on with a focus on environmentally conscious emulsion polymerised technology. Its sales started in 2001, and production for all four colours began in 2002. This followed with the more advanced Simitri HD toner in 2006, which offers low temperature fusing with higher image quality. Now in its 10th year in 2010, Konica Minolta introduces Simitri HD+ (plus) toner, which combines high productivity with high image quality.

10th year

* World's first polymerised toner for a black & white digital MFP.

Simitri toner with biomass continues to evolve

Simitri toner continues to evolve; from the start of production of the first Simitri toner for the Sitios 7035 in 2000, followed by the Simitri HD toner for the bizhub PRO C6500 in 2006, and in its 10th year, the Simitri HD+ (plus) toner for the bizhub PRESS C8000 in 2010.


Simitri toner with biomass reduces the impact on the environment

Simitri toner reduces the impact on the environment in the following ways.

  • Less energy consumption during production compared to pulverised toner production methods, reducing CO2, NOx and SOx emissions by more than 1/3.
  • Suppressed power consumption during use.
  • Using plant-based resources and reducing the amount of petroleum-based resources for environmental consideration.


The carrier

The carrier - needed for the toner to form the image - is also produced to reduce the impact on the environment
Carrier's Structure

The carrier is required for Simitri toner to form the image on the paper.

The carrier has a smooth ball-shaped resin coated ferrite core which is produced with a dry coating method that uses no organic solvents.

As it uses a completely solvent-less coating, it offers no pollution caused by solvent vapours nor energy generation from solvent recovery, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 56% during production when compared to carriers produced with solvent coating methods.

Moreover, the carrier achieves high durability and a longer life when used in combination with the Simitri toner.


Simitri toner and the carrier* are produced at
Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing

Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Konica Minolta Group's manufacturing company, has been producing consumables (drums and developers) for printers, MFPs, production printers and such, since its establishment in 1981. Simitri toner and the carrier have also been developed through Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing's many years of expertise in processing, coating, powder and plant technologies.

* Some carriers are also produced at Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing Kansai.

Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing

Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Overview (as of April 2009)
Head office Miyabaracho 303, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan (within Kokubo Industrial Park)
Tatsuno Factory Oaza Inatomiaza Shiromae 4333-1, Tatsunomachi, Kamiinagun, Nagano, Japan
Establishment February, 1981
Capital \1.5 billion
No. of employees 250
Products manufactured developers, drums
Certifications ISO9002 (1993), ISO9001 (2000), ISO14001 (1997)

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