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Green Product Lifecycle

Green Product Lifecycle


  • Green Product Lifecycle
  • Development
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Transport&Merchandising
  • Usage
  • Reuse&Recycling
  • The Konica Minolta Group as well as its suppliers only procure raw materials and parts with low environmental impact.

Global promotion of "green procurement"

The procurement phase during which low environmental impact raw materials and parts are selected is the first step in offering environmentally-sound products to customers. The Konica Minolta promotes "Green Procurement," which places a global scale priority on lower environmental impact when purchasing raw materials and parts. For equipment such as digital MFPs, Konica Minolta identifies prohibited substances and substances to be monitored from the viewpoint of compliance and environmental concerns, and eliminates or omits chemical substances with harmful effects on human health and the global environment from the manufacturing process and products at the procurement phase.

RoHS directive compliance and preparations for REACH compliance

In July 2006, the RoHS Directive (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) came into effect in the EU. The directive prohibits sale of electrical and electronic devices containing specified hazardous substances such as lead and cadmium. With cooperation from our suppliers, the Konica Minolta Group has already discontinued the use of these specified substances in all but a few products. We intend to completely eliminate such substances from all products. Furthermore, the EU adopted the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation in December 2006. We are steadily moving toward REACH compliance, including gradual reduction of substances which are of very high concern (SVHC).

Integrated information management using a chemical substance database

The Konica Minolta Group established and is utilizing our own Chemical Substance Management System as a tool to manage chemical safely. This system includes a database for the integrated management of information such as the results of our safety evaluations of chemical substances, including their hazardous and harmful properties, as well as information on physical and chemical properties. Such chemical substances are recorded in the system in relation to products and materials. Development and production departments, among others, are taking advantage of the database for risk management of chemical substances relating to safe product design, operational safety, and environmental conservation as well as regulatory compliance. To meet the REACH requirements, we are following a plan to create a system to manage substances in products and to establish an operational structure for the system.

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