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Sending a Fax after Canceling the Super G3 Mode ([V.34])


V34 is a communication mode used for the Super G3 fax communication.

This can shorten the communication time and reduce communication costs because a single page of letter/A4 size paper can be sent in as little as approximately three seconds.

This machine uses the V.34 protocol communication by default. You can send faxes with V34 canceled if it is not possible to establish a communication in the Super G3 mode depending on telephone line conditions (for example, when the remote or this machine is connected to a PBX line).

  • When registering destinations with an address book, you can specify whether to send faxes in the V34 mode in addition to registering fax numbers.

  • If the V34 function is canceled, the following functions cannot be used together.
    ECM OFF, Polling TX, Polling TX (Bulletin Board), Polling RX, Polling RX (Bulletin Board).

Operation flow

  1. Load the original.

  2. Tap [Scan/Fax].

  3. Specify the destination.

  4. Tap [Application] - [Fax Setting] - [Line Setting].

  5. Cancel the setting of [V.34], then tap [OK].

  6. Press the Start key.

    Transmission begins.