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Office Colour
bizhub C754/C654

bizhub C754/C654

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SmartTouch Panel

Fast and comfortable!New Control panel.

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    Large Workgroups


The one-stop solution for your office needs.
List of Features
  C754 C654
• Print speed Colour 60ppm 60ppm
  B/W 75ppm 65ppm
• Max. original size SRA3 (320 x 450mm)
• Authentication IC Card/Biometric
• Multifunctional Copy/Print/Scan/Fax(Optional)
• Mobile iPhone/iPad/Android
• Environment Bioplastic, Recycle PET

A new work style for the ever-changing office environment

  • Print and receive with mobile devices wirelessly

    PageScope Mobile provides a smart bizhub printing environment for the rapidly growing mobile market.

    How to use the QR code.
    Use with your mobile device.
    Access and download easily without typing the website address.

  • A new user interface for intuitive flick & drag operation

    The bizhub C754/654's new user interface adopts the same flick & drag operation used in mobile devices. Operations will be intuitive from day one.

  • Direct Print and Scan to PowerPoint for Microsoft Office files

    Print even Microsoft Office docx, xlsx and pptx files* without starting any applications from a PC with Direct Print. And streamline documentation by instantly turning hardcopies into PowerPoint data with Scan to PowerPoint.
    * Microsoft Office Open XML formats.

  • Flexible and diversified security

    From IC card authentication, which uses employee IDs, to finger vein authentication, which requires no cards or passwords, the bizhub C754/654 offer diverse security management from various perspectives.

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Outstanding power, paper and cost savings

  • Class leading low power consumption

    The bizhub C754's and C654's power consumptions are significantly lower than the Energy Star Program's TEC standard value respectively. Lower energy costs will help reduce operating costs.

  • See your ecological contribution with the eco meter

    The bizhub C754/C654 employ an eco meter that calculates the ecological contribution through paper and power reductions for better environmental awareness.

  • Reduce wasted power with the weekly timer's learning function

    The weekly timer, which rationally saves power when the bizhub is not in use, now includes a learning function. It intricately cuts power consumption by learning and adjusting the settings to real-time use.

    Image of after learning the weekly
  • Using recycled materials reduces the impact on the environment.

    Environmental impact is reduced from the production to disposal phases by adopting a fine balance of the two environmentally considerate plastics of recycled composite materials, made of recycled PC (polycarbonate) and recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and plant-based bioplastic. In addition, bioplastic is a low environmental-impact plant-based material that uses less petroleum resources and emits less CO2 compared to petroleum-based plastics throughout its lifecycle.

  • Bioplastic

    Plant-based bioplastic offers the merit of low environmental impact as it uses less petroleum-based resources and emits less CO2 during its lifecycle compared to petroleum-based plastic.

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Easy output solutions for a mixed multi-device environment

  • Centrally manage various devices with an integrated management application
    PAGE SCOPE Enterprise Suite

    PageScope Enterprise Suite is a one-stop solution that integrates and centrally manages various output devices including MFPs and printers.

  • A user interface that provides common operations across devices
    The new user interface and driver window deliver the same operations for all bizhubs in the office, including devices on other floors.
  • Share solution applications across devices

    The C754/C654 employ bEST (bizhub Extended Solution Technology), Konica Minolta's bizhub OP (Open Platform) that provides a variety of solution applications that can be used among different devices worldwide.

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Boost business quality and productivity

  • No more waiting with high-speed processing

    With 60 ppm colour outputs, 180 opm simultaneous duplex scanning, 23-second or less warm-up times and high-speed multi-tasking, the bizhub C754/654 deliver jobs without delay.

  • Large-Capacity Paper Supply and Varied Paper Compatibility

    The C754/C654 holds up to 3,650 sheets of paper. With the optional Side Paper Deck LU-301, the bizhub's capacity increases to 6,650 sheets!

  • Convincingly high image quality for text, photos and graphs

    High-resolution 1,200 dpi outputs not only improve reproduction quality of photos and graphs, but also make small text and fines lines in business documents more legible.

  • Add more value to business documents with a selection of finishing systems

    Select from a variety of optional finishing systems, including the compact FS-534 which offers colour 3-sheet tri-fold, a booklet function, hole punching and stapling for up to 50 sheets. The highly functional FS-535 goes even further with stapling for up to 100 sheets and a post inserter.

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Solid reliability even for heavy use

  • Reduced downtime

    The bizhub C754/C654 improve total productivity thanks to a longer machine life and long-life parts that reduce machine downtimes. Furthermore, downtime has been thoroughly reduced from various perspectives, such as allowing paper loading and consumable replacements during operation.

  • Functionality for professional printing

    Whether for A3 full-bleed outputs, index paper support, high resolution 1,200 dpi outputs, an upright panel for better operation, or a Fiery controller for graphic users, the bizhub C754/C654 boast ample functionality as an on-demand machine to meet the needs of light production houses.

  • Create a variety of print materials in-house with an array of paper.

    Expand the possibilities of in-house printing with a variety of paper types from postcard-size for direct mailings to SRA3-size which allows printing on an entire A3 sheet without missing the edges, and 1,200 mm long length printing for POPs and banners.

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