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bizhub C360/C280/C220
Main Features

bizhub C360/C280/C220

Business Product


C360/C280/C220 Communication Main Features

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Streamline document sharing and management

Scanning & Sending

bizhub providesa smooth, efficient workflow and facilitates seamless business operations through flexible network scanning suitable for various applications, multiple transmission methods, and simultaneous transmission of data to multiple addresses such as HDD User Boxes, PCs, and servers, all in a single operation.

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Multi-method send

The C360 series are capable of simultaneously handling multiple jobs*, for example, sending a document to a PC, a fax, and another bizhub in a single scan operation. They provide efficient multi-address transmission to suit the destination. Users can simultaneously send the same document as a 600 dpi colour PDF to a PC, as a B/W image to a fax machine, and as a colour IP address fax to another bizhub.
* Supported features: E-mail, fax, FTP, SMB, User Box, and WebDAV

Communication Multi-method send

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Scan to E-mail

Scan to E-mail allows the user to send scanned paper documents as e-mail attachments. Scan to E-mail supports S/MIME encryption and digital signatures, and additionally allows the user to search for and use addresses that are centrallymanaged on an LDAP server.

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Scan to FTP

Scan to FTP lets the user scan paper documents for direct transmission to a selected directory on an FTP server.

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Scan to SMB*

Scan to SMB lets the user scan a paper document and send it directly to a shared folder on a client computer in a single operation. This handy feature allows document sharing in server-less environments.
*Windows only

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Scan to BOX

Enables the user to scan a paper document and save it in a User Box on the MFP. Documents saved using this feature can be re-printed, transferred to FTP servers, or sent as e-mail attachments.
User Box function stores standard 600 x 600 dpi sRGB data documents in an integrated high-capacity hard disk (250GB). Stored data can be converted for use in a seamless environment that is free of restrictions on reuse in all modes copy, print, data attachment to E-mail, or fax. Moreover, User Boxes can be assigned to individuals, teams, departments or cases for efficient information sharing.

Communication Scan to BOX

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PageScope Box Operator

PageScope Box Operator allows you to download and access scanned data stored in a Box directly from your PC. With multi-file preview you can search through thumbnails to find any file easily. Then you can print scanned or faxed data stored in the Box without ever walking away from your PC screen. If you'd like to attach and e-mail a file, you can also convert with this software by turning a PDF, TIFF or JPEG into an ultra-compact PDF.

Communication Scan to BOX

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Scan to USB Memory

Scan to USB Memory allows the user to save scanned paper documents directly to a USB memory device. Settings can be adjusted to prevent all users from using the feature or to control use of the feature on a user-by-user basis*.
* Under default settings, access to this feature is disabled for all users.

Communication Scan to BOX

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A TWAIN driver is used to read scanned data from a network PC into an application for processing and editing.

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Scan to WebDAV

The C360 series supports WebDAV, an extension protocol for HTTP. Scan to WebDAV saves scanned files on a server using an Internet connection, and lets users manipulate files almost as easily as files stored on a local server. Communication channels are encrypted with SSL, enabling the use of proxies without the need for any special settings to provide secure file sharing.

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Scan to Me and Scan to Home

The Scan to Me key sends the document to the user's own e-mail address while the Scan to Home key sends it to a registered folder on a PC. It is possible to disable all keys except for the Scan to Me and Scan to Home keys in order to prevent non-authenticated users from scanning or sending documents.
*Scan to Me can be used when authentication is made via MFP authentication, external server authentication, or intermediate authentication.
*Scan to Home can only be used when authentication is made via external server authentication or via intermediate authentication using Active Directory.
*The Scan to Home Settings must be enabled in Administrator Settings for the Home key to be displayed.

Communication Scan to Me and Scan to Home

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One-Scan ACS / Mixed Original Scanning

The C360/C280/C220 significantly speeds up scanning of mixed size and colour originals by automatically detecting the proper size paper for output and by distinguishing black & white from colour, without pre-scanning.

Communication One-Scan ACS / Mixed Original Scanning

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Vista Compatibility

bizhub offers industry-leading Vista compatibility

Product Design Concept

Designing the bizhub with Universal Design principles

Awards for this product
2011 BLI Outstanding Achievement Award

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