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Case Study 03 Sun Yamamoto K.K.,

Case Studies

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Case Study 03 Sun Yamamoto K.K.,

Reduce storage space and enhance service
efficiencies through digitising documents

  • Overview
  • Solution Details

Issues and Solutions


  • Burgeoning space requirements for pay slip storage
  • Long response times for confirmation inquiries on earlier payments
  • Laborious payment confirmation work for non-head office personnel


  • Introduced a color MFP and document management software to facilitate electronic reporting
Company Profile
Company name:
Sun Yamamoto K.K.,
industry : Education

Sun Yamamoto has been operating its Meiko Gijuku cram school business in Kanagawa prefecture for more than twenty years. The first school in the Meiko Gijuku franchise is located in Mizunokuchi (Kawasaki). Using one-on-one instruction to encourage independent study, the schools are contributing to local communities by producing highly creative and self-reliant individuals adapted to the demands of 21st-century society.


  • By digitizing documents, it became significantly easier to search data, which has resulted in dramatic reduction of time needed to respond to customers. The number of phone calls between staff for inquiries has also decreased.
  • The document management software has made it possible to automatically sort and save scanned data and streamline document digitizing.
  • Significantly reduced the storage space that was needed for paper documents by introducing the electronic reporting
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