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Case Study 01 Rohm and Haas Company

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Case Study 01 Rohm and Haas Company

Centralised management and optimisation
of printers through usage monitoring

  • Overview
  • Solution Details

Issues and Solutions


  • Inability to fully grasp conditions for use and running costs for office devices
  • Approx.100 office devices of different types considered time-consuming and burdensome to manage
  • Risk of removal and loss of important output documents through neglect


  • Conducted the Assessment Surveys
  • Installed device management software (PageScope Net Care Device Manager)
  • Introduced software for IC card authentication & central counter collection and analysis
Company Profile
Company name:
Rohm and Haas Company
industry : Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Specialty materials manufacturer established 1909, headquartered in Philadelphia, U.S.A. It continues to create technology to develop and design premium products in wide-ranging fields from construction, electronics, industrial processing, packaging and transport to daily use products, water, and food items.
Its annual sales is around 9 billion dollars.


  • Enabled to grasp detailed conditions of MFPs for its use and running costs
  • Supporting/troubleshooting time reduced to 1/3 by remotely checking machine status
  • Realized efficient collection and analysis of counter reading by device. Raised every user's cost consciousness
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