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Case Study 02 Bridgestone Corporation

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Case Study 02 Bridgestone Corporation

Solid security by authentication using IDs and TCO reduction through analysis of individual device usage.

  • Overview
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Issues and Solutions


  • office devices usage conditions were only vaguely understood
  • Paper wastage due to large volume of unnecessary output documents
  • Number of office devices needed to be reduced without inpactig on efficiency


  • Through conducting the Assessment Surveys, the integration of output devices was realized
  • Introduced software for central counter collection and output management
  • Implemented the IC card-based authentication system using existing ID cards
Company Profile
Company name:
Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone is a major tire manufacturer occupying a significant share of the global automobile and aircraft tire market. They have recently focused on refurbished tires and tires to increase fuel efficiency. They also manufacture and market golf, tennis and other sporting goods, and are expanding their bicycle business.


  • Integrated 20 MFPs used by more than 200 users, into 5 sets of bizhub
  • Reduced the maintenance time by the IT Dpt. by 40% by integrating MFPs
  • By detailed analysis of counter readings, achieved 10% running cost reduction within 6 months after the software introduction
  • Achieved the efficient introduction of the new system by consolidating with the existing ID-card system.
  • Successfully preventing accidents such as unidentified printed documents left in the device
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